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Salty and mature ricotta "suits to pasta and much more"
From the ancient Sicilian cheese tradition arises the salty ricotta. The ricotta is obtained by heating the whey. Then the ricotta is salted and matured for a short time. Now it is ready for consumption.
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Parmigiano Reggiano DOP: cheese with protected designation of origin
The protected designation of origin includes names of places or landscapes or other details which indicate the origin of goods. EU standards define the quality so that the interests both of the consumers and producers are protected.
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Artisanal cheese Esposito: The buffalo milk mozzarella is shaped by our production master by hand
The Esposito family works for more than 30 years in the cheese production. 1997 the Caseificio Espositio moved to Eboli, in the heart of the area of origin of the buffalo mozzarella. The mozzarella is made by the traditional techniques which have been passed on from generation to generation. The mozzarella balls are molded by skilled hands.
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Caciocavallo Siciliano by caseificio Poma
Caciocavallo Siciliano of the dairy farm Poma is made from cow's milk, rennet, lactic bacteria and salt. The maturation of this cheese takes between three and six months.
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The traditional cheese from the Valle d'Aosta is Fontina - an art that is passed down from generation to generation
For the Fontina, milk is used from a single milking. The only addition to the milk is rennet. Fontina is a mountain cheese from the Valle d'Aosta.
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Dear friends,
I would like to order about 200-300kg of cheeses from your shop in very short time, are there some price reductions available?
How will be shipping arranged and what will be a cost?
Thank you.
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User: Milos ( 09/10/2015)
Category/Topic Cheese

Salve, vorrei sapere che tipo di spedizione organizzate in caso di mio eventuale ordine per I latticini: provola, mozzarella di bufala e bocconcini. Quali sono I tempi e I costi, Vivo al sud dell'Olanda.
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User: Naita ( 25/08/2015)
Category/Topic Cheese

The PGI protection requires that the cheese be made with between 70% and 90% full ewe's milk and between 10% and 30% full goat's milk.The PGI protection requires that the cheese be made with between 70% and 90% full ewe's milk and between 10% and 30% full goat's milk. Does this cheese qualify?
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User: James Kastelz ( 20/07/2015)
Category/Topic Canestrato Pugliese DOP


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