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The most famous salty Ricotta from Sicily
This ricotta is made ​​by hand. The salty ricotta is made according to the recipe of the traditional ricotta. The fresh cheese is left a long time to drain. Then the surface is rubbed with coarse sea salt. The maturation lasts 10 to 30 days. The salt is then removed and the ricotta is baked at 200°C in the oven until the surface is golden brown.
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The Monte Veronese is since 1996 a DOP cheese with two different qualities: full cream milk and mountain milk. Both qualities are made from half-raw milk.
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Stracciatella from Andria "Freshness, quality and food safety"
The Stracciatella is a fresh cheese that is prepared similarly to the mozzarella from Andria only from milk and rennet. The cheese is pulling strings and is therefore called "pasta filata". The cheese is immersed in the high quality cream of the milk.
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Caseificio Olanda - high quality by producing small quantities
The Murgia is a rural area with farms surrounded by green and pristine pastures. Here, the cheese-making is deeply rooted in history - this is especially true for the production of pasta filata cheese like mozzarella.
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"Formai de Mut" a typical cheese from Val Brembana
The Formai de Mut dell'Alta Brembana is a semi-hard cheese from the Italian province of Bergamo. The name comes from the dialectical term "mut", which means "grazing on the mountain" (indicating a mountain cheese) which indicates that the cheese is produced on the summer pastures at an altitude 1200-2500 m.
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Gentili Signori,
Se volessi ordinare formaggi o yoghurt per Romania,per arrivare freschi, in che giorno sarebbe ottimo ordinare, cioè venerdì o lunedì ? Quanto ci vorrebbe?
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User: ceneru ( 28/05/2014)
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We are a vegetarian family so could you please tell me which (if any) of your cheeses are vegetarian cheese i.e. made with vegetable rennet?
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User: Cat Granny ( 29/04/2014)
Category/Topic Cheese

We will ask our buyer and will get back to you.
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User: ( 27/03/2014)
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