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Country and countryside: Burrata di Andria
Davide Rampello explains mozzarella and burrata di Andria.
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Bagos cheese: A Slow Food product
Bagos is a cheese made from partially skimmed cow's milk. The maturity period is between 12 and 36 months. During the ripening period the rind is oiled with linseed oil, so that no mold forms and the bark gets elastic.
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Asiago Fresco DOP
Asiago Fresco has a pleasantly mild taste. It is soft and slightly sticky but melts easily in the mouth. It has a sweet, slightly acidic flavour due to its young age but is not salty and never bitter. After swallowing it leaves a slightly sweet and acidic lingering taste, easy, but so enjoyable it makes you long for another slice.
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Mozzarella di Bufala Campana - Caseificio Esposito
This is how mozzarella is made by hand. Just watch our video!
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Apulian burrata from Andria by Caseificio Olanda
The Burrata is the queen of cheese products and is the result of a patient preparation process by hand.
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Where in England sells Carnia cheese
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User: Glenys ( 15/12/2014)
Category/Topic Carnia Mezzano cheese

My wife and I will be passing through Bagolino next summer and we want to purchase some of the Bagoss cheese to bring back to the UK. Can you advise where we might be able to purchase it. Do they sell to the public where it is made?
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User: Mr K O'Brien ( 01/11/2014)
Category/Topic Bagoss

can I buy some"Bag'oss" cheese and Decce pasta from you on line!!!!
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User: ( 19/10/2014)
Category/Topic Bagoss


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