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Pecorino cheese

The "Dolce di Cardo" cheese is born from the union of an ancient recipe and innovative production methods. It is a pecorino cheese, with a soft consistency, a delicate flavour, a white\ pale yellow colour depending on the aging, curdled with rennet obtained from wild cardoon, which is also used as a nourishment for the sheeps together with some mediterranean essences and locally produced fodders. "Dolce di Cardo" is a truly niche product derived from an ecosustainable agriculture, in which the cardoon active principles (epatoprotector, proteolytic and antioxidant), the use of living lactobacillus which metabolize lactose in a partial or total way depending on the aging, the low level of sodium, are peculiarities that make this product tasty, easy to digest, nutritious and adapt to people of every age.

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Valtellina: The Casera cheese

Italia Slow Tour in Valtellina: we visit a Cooperative Dairy in Delebio, producing the local cheese Casera, a PDO product that represents the historical gastronomic tradition of the Valtellina. The cheese is made from the milk taken from the cows when they return to the barn, let’s see all the stages of its production till the cheese get mature.

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Società Agricola La Bruna: Castelmagno D'alpeggio Dop e Castelmagno di Montagna invernale Dop

La Bruna Farm originated from the passion and love for the mountain and its traditions of Evanzio, Ivano and Davide, who has followed in his father’s footsteps. Back in 1921 grandfather Magno, shepherd in the upper valley, used to milk his cows up in the mountain pastures and produce cheese for himself and a few other people in a little shepherds’ hut. The precious little secrets were handed down to the new generations that still produce that cheese today following the same ancient customs.

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Typical Lodging Grana Cheese 47 months aged

The typical Lodigiano Grana cheese, is the ancestor of the Grana cheeses and it is endowed with unique organoleptic characteristics. It has been known and appreciated since the 1500, nowadays it is a fine piece and it is difficult to find too because of its complicated making processes. In the extra-old type the crust is very hard, smooth, yellow pale colored, the paste is very hard too, granulated with small holes. It is made up of raw milk from 2 milkings, one of which is skimmed through surfacing, it is brought in some boilers with natural starter whey. The coagulation, occurs with rennet calf at 35 degrees temperature. Then the curdle is broken in a rice grain dimensions and cooked at 45\50 degrees. The paste, after having rest under the whey, is extracted and took under the bands. The aging goes from the ,minimum of 2 to the maximum of 4 year, during this time the wheels are oiled with linseed oil.

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Apulian Stracciatella - Caseificio Voglia di Latte

Stracciatella is a typical Apulia cheese. To obtain a good stracciatella, the cream must the as fresher as possible. It is white milk colored, without any crust fibers and holes. Its taste is fresh and slightly acid, its aroma is dedicate. Stracciatella is produced using cow's milk mozzarella. Stracciatella, if very fresh, has a so much pleasant taste that must be eaten alone and not accompanied with anything. Anyway there are a lot of recipes which include the stracciatellal, among which some first dish like orecchiette, the stuffed courgette flower, toasted bread and omelette. It matches perfectly with dry white wines. The production of the Caseificio Voglia di Latte follows artisanal methods, guided by the wise dairy traditions which guarantee the genuineness and freshness of the product.

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when will the canestrato pugliese cheese be available for purchaes?
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mi piacerebbe comprare una forma di formaggio per usarla come piatto per condire risotto
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User: cleopatra ( 13/03/2016)
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What is a typical use by date.
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User: Roy Simmonds ( 17/02/2016)
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